Bingo in The Heights, Houston

This week finds us at a favorite hideaway that you might miss if you don’t show up early: Bingo in the Heights. Whether you are out to win some money or just enjoy brushing up on your Bingo Lingo, this Bingo Hall fills up fast!

I chose a Jurassic 5 track because the intro and the playful breaks just click for me. Bingo is a community event as much as I think J5’s songs are. The style is reminiscent of the start of hip hop, where groups of MC’s were merely acheiving a singular goal and bragging about their DJ.

When I was a junior in high school, the group released a record called “Feedback” which they toured through Houston. At the time I listened to a college radio station (KTRU, for all the Houstonians out there) run by Rice University (later sold), on Tuesday nights. That radio show was a lifeline for me in high school. I was helplessly uncool, really into hip hop and loved hearing things that my other local stations (as much as I respect local rappers) did not play.

Jean Gray? They played it. Chops? Exactly. Talib Kweli? KTRU spun it.

So, as the latest release of “Feedback” was touring, KTRU had tickets to give away. I called in to answer the number of members and the names for a pair of tickets.

The line connects. I answer the question, yet am incorrect in my calculations. Line releases. I call back, more confident in my response. Still missing a member, this time one who I had previously listed says the radio host. Line disconnects. Third time is a charm? God bless the host, who was nice enough to pick up a tgird time. And, with perseverance I won the tickets.

I don’t know who else really stays up from 11-1 on Tuesday nights to call in, but this was something that I won. The feeling was great.

The day of the show, I came down with a horrible stomach ache. The tickets went to a good home with a couple of buddies who could make the show. In that moment, my heart and stomach both ached.

After “Feedback”, a tour hiatus occurred as a group that would last nearly a decade.

Cut to 2017 and J5 is touring again. They played a renaissance themed EDM festival. I paid for an entry and finally saw the group rock their set. All of the hits. All of the memories. Bingo.


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