Bluebonnet Field, La Grange

Bluebonnets are the State Flower of Texas and if you were lucky enough to have a camera, white button up shirt and a pair of blue jeans there is a high possibility that you had a family picture in one of these flower patches. And if you were lucky enough to have a photographer friend with a picture frame, you could even get a shot of your pet (shoutout Christy White Photography, see below).

Bluebonnets signify for me a promise seen through from seed to blossom. Someone or something put the work in to create a picturesque field of blooms. I think that family works the same way; we don’t have to be perfect and there may always be elements to weather, but putting the work into make it happen is the only way that we can hope for the blossom.

The track this week is from another Texas Legend; Willie Nelson. Willie routinely hosts a 4th of July picnic and festival which draws some of the most talented musicians around. I find the play on family photos among the bluebonnets and using a musician who addresses his band as family quite fitting.

Finally, the clip asks you to “listen to what the blues are saying.” I picked that portion of the song to hopefully remind you to be careful where you step this bluebonnet season if you are taking photos. Aside from any creatures who have made their homes near said fields, preserving bluebonnets for the next person is important. Share the joy by respecting the land.






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