Wortham Memorial Fountain, Houston

This week, #haveboomboxwilltravel welcomes you to one of my very unapologetically favorite parts of Houston. It truly ranks in the top 5 for me, possibly among the top 3 if you really twisted my arm. I have a history here, but outside of a personal connection, I hope that you find this area and enjoy it as much as I do. This oasis is a tranquil reminder alongside an otherwise hectic roadway of Allen Parkway. The divergence that is mapped by the city road to allow vehicles the space to park nearby is a noticeably fitting metaphor for what the space was created for.

Around the north side of the sculpture are some seating areas along some Magnolia trees. The air permeates with the smell of Magnolia blooms at the right time of year. Further north in the caveat is an entrance to a Buffalo Bayou multi-use trail. On a Saturday, you can find families taking a stroll and stopping for solice at this hideaway amid plain site. There is a dog park that is accessible via the trail, so you might even see a few larger dogs cooling themselves off in the water during the summer months, despite what the City of Houston may have intended this for.

This place represents joy in purpose for me. It is an area to reflect, adjust, and dream. At a rough point in my life a few years ago, I found myself escaping a trip Downtown for a few hours to just collect my thoughts and eat some lunch. (Pro tip: there is a substantial Whole Foods nearby, and if you wanted to enjoy an ice cream or cool beverage, as long as you “Don’t mess with Texas” and clean up after yourself, this is a wonderful outdoor location to partake) The whimsical nature of the fountain’s subject helped me refocus and mentally prepare for the next portion of what would end up being a tedious day.

While I am not so bold to think that everyone will have the same experience at the fountain, but I am glad to know that the fountain was not majorly harmed by the most recent flooding, and that it is still around to inspire you in it’s own charming way, if you make your way out.

The track this week is “Dreamin’” by Lupe Fiasco featuring Jill Scott from Lupe’s Major Label debut “Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor” originally released in 2006. The kitsch of the fountain being dandelion shaped and the sampled chorus just seems to work for me. Both inspire me to stare off into the distance and escape into a dream for awhile.

Thanks for strapping in for the ride, truly having a blast putting these together.




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