Allen’s Boots, Austin

I’ve yet to find a pair of boots that I truly consider comfortable. Snip toe, square toe (work boots), Steel toe. Alligator, Ostrich, Rubber (newsflash; Houston rains). I’ve tried many on, but haven’t found my perfect pair yet. But even as I am sure that the high arches that I inherited from my Mother’s side of the family don’t pair well with boots, I have an immense respect for the craftsmanship that goes into every pair. Every element, every detail possesses a meaning and coincidently every detail requires a precise skillset on a custom pair of boots.
Allen’s Boots on South Congress in Austin knows a good thing or two about finely crafted boots. The aroma of the leather that permeates across your palate when you walk in and marvel at the wall to wall boots and western wear intoxicates. As much as I don’t personally know about great boots, Allen’s appears to be experts on the matter.

In this quick trip into Austin, we couldn’t stay around as long as we wanted, but there will be more features from the Live Music Capital of The World.EC0FDED3-01BF-41FA-A5FF-AC12A7737C9F


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