The Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco

I made my first trip into Waco, Texas recently to celebrate the legacy of everything that I knew Dr. Pepper to be. The sweet and bubbly, Texan alternative to everything soda pop, Dr. Pepper boasts that it is the “friendly pepper upper”. Aside from the historic advertising campaigns (“10, 12, and 2” anyone?), I’ve always felt that ordering a Dr. Pepper (or asking if it is carried at restaurants) is a sure fire way to remember a bit of where I am from.

A proprietary blend of 23 flavors marry across your palate in a decadent and enriching way with every sip. I am unsure of 22 other flavors, but I am convinced that the 23rd is Texas Pride. Maybe a food blog isn’t in my direct future, but touring the birthplace of the nectar of the Gods was.

Tours are offered through the museum, but a quick walk away from a specific group was my favorite part of this adventure.


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